Trailer Wiring in Eugene By Bridge Brothers.


Trailer wiring installation, repair and service in Eugene by Bridge Brothers Welding.

Trailer Wiring In EugeneYou bought your nifty sports utility vehicle (SUV) and your boat and trailer, and you’re ready for a weekend on the lake. The wife has the food packed and ready, and the kids are slathered in sunscreen, eager for some water-skiing. All you need to accomplish as the head mechanic in the family is to hook your SUV to your boat trailer and hit the road. All goes well with the hookup, but when it comes time to wire your trailer to your truck, things get a little iffy. Your trailer wiring plug doesn’t match the one on your vehicle. The wife and kids stare daggers into your head as you curse your way through hours of agonizing wiring mishaps. Does this all sound familiar to you ?

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